About Aqar Pedia

As Aqarpedia is the real estate encyclopedia, and as we know that buying a real estate unit is not simple. we provide you with the trusted information and statistics you need to make the right buying decision. Whatever your need or inquiry, we provide you with the information and more. Either it’s a first home, second home, residential, administrative, commercial, or medical.

We are keen on assuring our clients either in Egypt or abroad to get the best investment deals with our exclusive offers.


Becoming the ultimate Real estate encyclopedia to serve all the buyers
and sellers in Egypt. We strive to be the top Real estate Agent in Egypt,
and to become the Real estate hub that embraces every detail about
the Real estate industry in Egypt.


Provide our clients with accurate and up-to-date information to ease
their buying experience. We have compiled a comprehensive profile of
real estate-related data, such as the most current developers’ projects,
the top-selling products & services, the latest industry news, analytics,
and most importantly, our customers’ feedback through working on
the statistical, analytical, and economical base.



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